Topaz X-Files fanfic by bardsmaid. The Sanctuary sequel

the Sanctuary sequel

Mere hours after the end of Sanctuary, Alex Krycek flees west from Owensburg, weak and re-injured. Mulder and Scully are left wondering which group is behind the disturbing symptoms that developed in Tracy, but critical evidence will be found missing. Will they return to their old positions at the FBI, or will circumstances turn them in a different direction? That strange man Mulder noticed in the hospital hallway--surveillance video will reveal a second man no one can identify, both of them dressed identically, right down to the tie.  And what will become of Krycek's promise to help Mulder find out once and for all what happened to his sister?

Topaz is being written now (2012) so please be aware that this is a WIP. The plan is to post it in multiple-chapter sections as they're finished and have gone through beta.

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Topaz: Available Chapters

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Story Status as of 12/4/2012:

Chapter 11 is being written